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Senseorama Candles

PowerPuff Girls Set

PowerPuff Girls Set

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Let us take you back in time to Cartoon Networks infamous late 90's /early 2000's era with our gorgeous floral scented Power Puff Girls geo candle set.
Blossom: The scent of Blossom is inspired by her lovely name. The rich scent of cherry blossoms reaches your nose first with notes of light musk, jasmine, rose, geranium, ripe apple, and mint leaf.  Followed by lingering with a hint of pineapple, ripe berries and lemon zest notes that are absolutely breathtaking.
Bubbles: The scent of Bubbles is just as sweet and bubbly as the cartoon character! The light refreshing floral notes of sweet pea complimented with a smooth creamy vanilla will make your mouth water!
Buttercup: Just like Buttercups strong personality, we of course had to find a strong scent to match this! Curious and suitably heady, clean, fresh and soft floral. A complex scent of Jasmine and delicate florals with light Rose Petal notes. One of our remarkable bestsellers and a top choice for each age.
Overflowing with heavenly scented wax, our reusable 100ml geo cut glass jars are exquisite and beautiful. This candle will burn splendidly, forming a profound aroma pool which delivers a consistent fragrance in your lounge, restroom, or kitchen without being overwhelming. High grade soy wax gives steady, clean burning, with amazing scent throw.
Burn time approximately 20 hours each
PLEASE NOTE: Our Trio Box is made to order, please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be processed. Notifications will be sent once shipped/ready for collection.
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Customer Reviews

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Naz Tahir
Awesome 👌

A great gift for anyone


Superb candles. I gifted my wife and she's obsessed with it.

Farzana Habib
Customer feedback

Best candles to make your home smell ah-mazing. They’re perfect for making the time you spend at home more enjoyable. Very affordable and long lasting -Senseorama Candles.